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Get paid lighting the way for others by talking about what you discovered, failed to identify, and wished you were told about the majors, schools and city you chose.

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Only you decided when & how much to work.

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You already have everything needed to get started: your smartphone or computer and your knowledge.

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Millions of students are disillusioned by the reality of their majors, schools or campus life within their first year. This is financially costly, many dropout, you can help!


Be Advised

Over 40 % of students transfer schools within their first year, and another 51% switch majors their first year in college.

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Get genuine advice direct from real students attending the schools, and studying the majors of your choice, in the US & worldwide, from wherever you are.

You Are In Control

You select the student you want to talk to, when and how.

The Ice Is Broken

Our algorithm guarantees you talk to students you have similar interests with.

Your college student connection mentors you today, but tomorrow you mentor!

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